Manage your inventory

Whether you own or manage one location or several thousand, ODEX’s integrated inventory management tools make it easier to list and promote your assets, record physical maintenance, track performance, and measure the return on your investment.

  • List and promote your sites internally and to potential advertisers quickly and easily.
  • Make Marketing-Sheets (physical and technical information) easily available to media buyers. include detailed location information along with specifications, images, maps, floor plans and geo-fenced demographics.
  • Set dynamic pricing, currency, format, frequency, availability and all psychographic information.
  • Access real-time site performance, ROi and KPi’s
  • Maintain real-time operational worksheets and physical facilities records.
  • Track the Capex, Opex and depreciation over time.

Take a look:

List your site's physical attributes and location potential

The Site Manager facilitates a consolidated overview of the Location, Asset and Inventory information with bespoke views depending on whether you are a buyer, agency, advertiser or owner. All information can be delivered via the web or desktop app.

  • Consolidated overview
  • Location, GPS and POI information
  • Asset and structural details
  • Inventory and pricing data
  • Image Gallery
  • Active Notes (Chat)
  • iDocs (Technical data attachments)
  • Package history
  • Add Site Wizard (5 steps)

Provide details on the site's physical location and spatial considerations

The Locations Manager accurately defines locations using Google/Bing Maps or plots them within Odex's proprietary building and floorplan manager. It also keeps track of all beacon information. With close integration to the Landlords and site owner's lease agreements it becomes possible to understand “location” profitability in a heartbeat.

  • GPS mapping (Google & Bing)
  • Floor plan potting including KML and DWG technical drawings
  • Direct links to Asset & Inventory
  • Multi Lease and JV management
  • Local Authority approvals and document archive
  • Direct agreement management (Landlord)
  • Auto renew and expiry notification
  • Operational management
  • Add / Edit Location wizard
  • Jobs management

Manage the structure, and your Capital

Asset Manager provides access and a record detailing all the nitty-gritty, including physical attributes of the structure, the engineering, and its operational condition and or any improvements.

  • Track Capex, Opex and depreciation so you can measure Net Asset Value (NAV) at any time!
  • Individual management of the assets (movable or immovable, physical or non-physical)
  • Multiple assets per location
  • Track build status
  • Electrical consumption charges
  • Health and Safety checks
  • Opex expense capture
  • Capitalise Capex dynamically
  • Straight-line depreciation
  • Asset add/edit Wizard
  • Operational and Facilities management
  • Warehouse management
  • Jobs with Stock

Maximise pricing opportunities while increasing customer engagement

The Inventory Manager allows you to capture and display pricing information, currency, format, display frequency, sales cycles, demographic, traffic and information specific to the panel.

  • Manage individual static inventory or digital slots
  • Batch editing allows for rapid editing of multiple inventories.
  • Direct Package creation
  • Operational & status management
  • Default & custom QuickSheets (marketing sheets)
  • Minispecs with direct street view allows an instant orientation.
  • Real-time availability
    • Available
    • Proposed
    • Booked
    • Option/Hold
    • Unavailable
    • FOC (Free of Charge)
    • TBC (To be Confirmed)
    • Voucher
    • Compensation
    • Added Value

Take a look:

Real-time availability and optimised sales cycles for best utilisation. Max your REVPAI.

The Sales Manager allows your sales executives to become rock stars! Search by date range, type, target, outcome, budget or leave it to our AI engine to return the optimal availabilities and match.

The SM employs three exceptionally powerful AI driven search and planning tools to pinpoint inventory targeting. These include Power Filter, The Sales Planner (charting), and the Geo/Mapping Search, all of which accurately target consumers based on where and who they are.

  • Power List View
  • Planner & Charting View
  • Geo/Map View
  • Direct Proposal creation
  • Intelligent selection
  • Gap optimization
  • Auto availability management
  • Direct to Proposal (or Brief)

Promote multiple inventory listings at lightning speed while making lemons sweet

Package Manager allows you to batch multiple listings as a single sales line item and price. ODEX takes care of all the complex revenue tracking and distribution against each item for you.

  • It's a super powerful tool that gets beautifully marketed inventory in front of the right media buyers faster.
  • Consolidate inventories into Packages and reduce your Sales effort
  • Set-up marketing classifications and give meaning to your packages
  • Track revenues at individual inventory level with auto Financial distribution.
  • Integrated revision management
  • Live swap of items as conditions on the ground change.
  • Pricing evolution with annual auto duplication
  • History and job tracking

Dramatically increase your agency brief response times with dynamic proposals that are on-brief and optimally priced

This is the key module for creating and modifying new proposals, and responding to agency briefs and customer requests.

The Proposals Manager contains extensive tools for searching and filtering inventory. It employs dynamic pricing to ensure rates are optimally configured according to demand, season, event, or any other metric. Deliver high-graphic content and map rich outputs in any format, faster.

  • Status management
  • Proposal Wizard
  • Auto avails
  • Iteration manager
  • Pipeline manager
  • Optioning functions
  • Workflow management
  • Multi-Currency
  • PowerPoint, Word & PDF output
  • KML map overlay
  • Vendor / Media Owner select
  • Site Info-Check

Events are planned while Activations live at the sharp end

Events and Activations are generally short duration and require great flexibility. Optimising the advertising and space in a Mall or a Venue up to 350 times a year requires smarts. The Event manager has been specifically developed for Conference, Venue and Mall clients who sub-let space for brief fixed time periods- this enables product launches, events, short term promotions and activations.

  • Event scheduling with in and out dates
  • Recurrence and splits
  • Space allocation
  • Event classification & rebate
  • Auto Event Update
  • Integrated proposal creation
  • Event ERP & CRM Integration
  • Non- Physical space management

Boost Your Sales

Whether you own or manage one location or several thousand, ODEX’s integrated inventory management tools make it easier to list and promote your assets, record physical maintenance, track performance, and measure the return on your investment.

  • View real-time availability, proposals, options, holds, TBC’s, FOC’s vouchers and bookings across all inventory both Static & Digital.
  • Deliver on-brief proposals that accurately target the correct eyeballs using Power Bi Filters and Geo-fence functionality.
  • Dramatically increase response times to agency briefs with dynamic proposals featuring graphic and map rich content in any presentation format.
  • Group and classify inventory into a single line Packages and launch a promotion of multiple items in only a few minutes.
  • Set optimal rates based on demand, season, time, event or any other metric.
  • Convert proposals to agreements in seconds with attendant workflow control.

Reduce your admin overhead

What can a fully integrated inventory, sales and admin system really offer your business? how about an 80% reduction in your admin overhead. No more triple entries or human error. Billing and payment processes easily integrate with your existing ERP system to offer a fully automated process. So now you can bill faster, more accurately and get paid when due.

What’s more, you can do it all in multiple currencies and tax environments.

  • Use integrated CRM
  • Set up integration into Office and Outlook
  • Create your own proposal, agreement and billing templates, or use ours.
  • Convert proposals to agreements in seconds or create an agreement from scratch
  • Use workflows to validate any agreement and automatically update availabilities.
  • Easily manage multi-currency and multi-tax environments
  • Automatically generate financial and billing / payment information
  • Easily manage escalations, provisioning of accruals, agency AVR’s, commissions, and deposits
  • Easily manage lease expiries, renewals, modifications and suspensions
  • Set up payment schedules
  • Manage and control with fully customisable workflows

Take a look:

Create and manage contracts, leases and agreements

Track contracts, licenses, leases, rentals, and other formal or informal agreements with the Agreements & Contracts Manager. Use the templates to set-up agreements, then simply link to the relevant location, asset or inventory.

You can convert a proposal into an agreement, or you can create the agreement from scratch. The system validates each agreement, updates inventory availability, then automatically generates all financial and billing/payment information.

The Agreements & Contracts Manager also handles multi-currency and multi-tax environments, along with escalations, AVR’s, commissions, and deposits.

  • Agreement Wizard
  • Debtors & Creditors Agreements
  • Iteration manager
  • Workflow management
  • Multi Currency
  • Word Doc & PDF output
  • Agreement modification
  • Delay Start & End
  • Temp suspension
  • Extension
  • Early termination
  • Renew / Duplicate
  • Switch / Replace
  • Debits & Credits
  • Costings & Commissions
  • Turnover and AVR
  • Document library & Jobs
  • Custom Payments & Licence Expiry (MENA Specific)
  • Agreement approvals
  • Proposal approvals
  • Debit & Credit validation
  • Finance sign-off
  • Queue management

Universal contact manager with Outlook interface

The customer manager is a hybrid tool combining CRM and contact management features.

Import and export all customer master information in and out of Microsoft® Outlook, and Microsoft® Dynamics, thus enabling synchronisation of users Outlook and system records. Customers are classified into classes i.e. Agency, Supplier, Tenant etc.

  • Company management
  • Contact management
  • Brands & Managers
  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Customer Terms
  • Document library
  • Proposal & Agreement history
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Access
  • Agency AVR Management

The finance manager automatically tracks all your billing and payments as agreements are validated. It then allows you to structure how to invoice or post to your EPR platform.

  • Creditors Payments
  • Comprehensive signoff with workflows.
  • Invoice Generation
  • Payment schedules
  • No Double capture
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Turnover management
  • AVR Recon
  • Debit & Credit notes

Take a look:

Schedule and assign jobs in the blink of an eye.

The Jobs Manager is tightly integrated with the Ops Manager however stands alone in that it allows you to schedule any type of joy you can think of. We distilled 20 years’ worth of experience into a powerful and functional facilities management tool.

  • Save time with reusable templates
  • WhatsApp type messaging between users
  • Supplier integration via the Blockchain
  • Auto costing
  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Speed updates
  • Cascading tasks
  • Real-time reporting

Align your Ops with cutting edge AI driven ISO operational standards

The Ops Manager is an infield and office management tool that incorporates the very best of field force management with AI driven data analysis to ensure your asset investments remain at peak performance.

  • KPI recordal
  • Health & Safety recordal
  • RCD – Residual Circuit Breaker testing
  • Periodic electrical testing – Compliance Form
  • Torque Tests (Nut check)
  • Structural inspection
  • Design verification
  • Engineering signoff
  • Installation dates & Forecast installation dates
  • Identify installations & removals
  • Historical data – Active Notes
  • Recurring jobs
  • Handover forms
  • QC forms
  • Ad Hoc jobs


Anyone who’s worked in the OOh business understands the logistical challenges that come with managing multiple contractors and suppliers across hundreds of different sites. It’s a territory thwart with difficulties. But not with Odex.

The system’s flexible Jobs and Ops Managers allows your users to create job tasks that can be easily tracked and managed in real-time.

  • Create tasks (recurring or once-off) against all operational functions
  • Automatically forwards tasks to the assignee’s smartphone (OdexApp). Tasks can also be collected via the web or email.
  • Once completed, assignees post Proof-of-Posting images, and notes via the OdexApp.
  • All jobs / tasks can be tracked and managed in real-time.
  • You can also keep tabs on time taken, job costings and stock management.
  • Jobs templates are fully customisable and reusable


Deliver powerful, real-time reports to customers and insightful BI to stakeholders.

Reporting is a powerful facilitator in the sales process. it is also a vitally important for the proper management of assets and inventory. Which is why ODEx offers 42 Primary Reports covering everything from availability and sales metrics, to gross profit and posting status.

With ODEx you can generate accurate reports across all your functional departments, and with 2500 filters and selectors deliver meaningful data in real-time to customers and internally within the business.

Reports are built dynamically into Excel, and results can be grouped and tabbed by function.

Any of the primary reports offered can be customised by the user to populate with additional data. Alternatively, our support teams can tailor any report per request for delivery to customers within the hour.


At the heart of ODEx is the Administration Manager. The Administration manger gives System Administrators and the IT department, system-wide control of all settings, options and preferences. it’s a powerful arsenal of tools you can use to manage roles, permissions and access to data . Our mantra is ‘configure’ not ‘customise’, and this will save you money.

Take a look:

Configure don’t customise. Twenty years in the business has allowed us to assemble a formidable arsenal of tools that allow you to intuitively customise the Odex platform. If it’s not already included, it’s on us.

  • Provides granular control
  • Configure vs Customise
  • Intuitive dashboards and controls
  • Manage Users & Permissions
  • Role-based security x 2750 functions
  • Own Product & Group creation
  • Batch update settings
  • Flexible Field management
  • Mapping and KML (POI)
  • Building Plan management
  • Data exporting namely Excel and API
  • Validation & Approval workflow settings
  • Server settings
  • Exchange rate management
  • Proposal, Agreement and Option settings
  • Classification settings

Groups allow mortals to understand it

Group Manager allows administration, operational, marketing or sales departments to group and configure inventory to best suit their own requirements. Sales and Marketing inventory groupings are often very different from what is required by Operations.

  • Manage Networks & Rotations
  • Manage Metro, Bus & Taxi Routes
  • Build reusable Workspaces
  • Create Deals and special offers
  • Create sets of sets in Collections
  • All while keeping track of individual panel profitability…

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